Tuesday, July 07, 2009

KillaKanga Wine

Over the weekend I went on a wee trip to the Hunter Valley, land of cheese, fresh air, and roadkill.

We stayed at a cabin which would be an excellent hideout if you were in the Witness Protection Program. The cabin had a fireplace which let me tell you - would keep me occupied for days if I was stuck inside. And if you're gonna have a fireplace the next thing you need is marshmallows (check) and a variety of board games.

Have you ever tried to play a board game when you're really stoned?? it's impossible. We would sit and read the instructions for 10 mins each, then decide it was too hard and play our own version of what we think the game should be. Even under normal circumstances games are hard. I think a great game would be one where whichever team figures out how to correctly play the games - wins.

I often wonder how do the winery people come up with the names of their wines, no one wants to drink a wine with a bad name, and a good name is sometimes all that is needed to decide to go inside.

I was thinking of these:

KillaKanga Wines: named after the killer kangaroo that jumped out at us whilst we were driving along a dark desolate road at night.

Nuclear Rock Wine: named after the pile of rocks that was on the road, and the subsequent army trucks that appeared on the scene. Does a pile of rocks really deserve the Men in Black? the only thing we could think of where that they rocks themselves were Nuclear or Space Rocks.

Dessert Gnocchi Wines: when only a plate of Gnocchi will hit the spot.

Stealth Olympics Wines: named after the team of waiters at Margans restaurant who quickly cleaned up a nasty spillage within 5 seconds, we didn't even realise we had a spillage till after it had disappeared. Quick like the Wind.

Comfy Pants Wines: I was devastated when I realised I didn't pack my comfy pants and had to wear mark's pants which looked terrible. Devo! Imagine drinking your comfy pants wine in comfy pants?!

Nitty Gritty Wines: named after the 'relationship' game we played which if you get the questions wrong - pretty much points to getting a divorce. Talk about pressure.

The Dutch Oven: wines where you can smoke a doob in the car, and drink wine at the same time.

Now the only questions is what do I do with my bag of leftover marshmallows. If they aren't charred from the fireplace. I don't want them.


Anonymous said...

Hey ....! Jimmy the cat showed himself at 5am the next day...curled up under the blankies, in my bed....purring his silly head off.

I think he thought it was funny that he avoided the visitors.....I am stilled fucked to know where he hid all day...but it was inside....damn smartarse cat who refuses to be cute for visitors....next time I will tie him up in advance...

Love Unc

Esz said...

LOL great names! :-)

At my parent's winery, their white blend is called Possum Piss.

Surprisingly, it sells VERY well

Sez said...

Dessert Gnocchi Wines - If I saw that, I would sooo be buying and trying!

Nuclear Rock Wine - The explanation had me cackling.