Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's time to Die.. Ryan

In exciting stalker news: Nummy Num Num Ryan Reynolds will be in Sydney as of January next year..

This gives me a few months at least to get the city booby trapped. And when I mean booby trapped I will be lining the streets with naked boobies in order to drag him down into my dungeon where I will do unspeakable things to him; like grate cheese on his chest, and do ye olde style laundry on his abs.

Mmmm the city is going to have to get some sort of street cleaners on the payroll for the months that he is in town on account on the trails of slime that will be leaked all over the place.



sharnee said...

Oh I have to agree with you about how hunky he is! (if you need an assistant in this kidnapping, let me know :P) - have you seen Ryan Kwanten lately? (Vinnie from Home & Away transformed into mega muscles in True Blood! Yowsers!)

Sarah said...

Hahahaha :) your line about doing ye olde style laundry on his abs... priceless!