Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Big Jalan Jalan of Life

Have you ever been to Bali?? its a really nice but really scummy place all at the same time. I really dig the tropical holiday vibe, but at the same time when I look back at my behaviour with the sellers who were peddling their wares on the beach I get a little embarrassed.

I remember during the war in East Timor, I went on a holiday to Bali, and being that there was a war on, everything was really cheap -so you could really haggle the price down on something even if you didn't want it and have no interest in following through on a purchase. I think I reduced a guy to tears on a wooden elephant. "pfft poverty.. ??? me rich white woman. want elephant. jalan jalan"..

Jalan Jalan means walking away or walking walking.. I'm not really sure.. but they would freak out and sell you the elephant for cheap if you threatened to Jalan Jalan. Today is my birthday and I have spent 29 years Jalan Jalaning through life. Got a stupid job?? Jalan Jalan. Someone pissing you off?? Jalan Jalan. Luckily these days through my years of wisdom I have learnt not to scam the 3rd world country junk sellers. I am growing up! What sort of present would you buy someone to celebrate the big 29?? How about this:


Is it a broccoli that is also an iPod?? Maybe it scares off other broccoli's from entering the premises, because let's face it - Broccoli is the jihad of the vegetable kingdom. I haaaaaate broccoli. Luckily now I have one of these.. things.. I will always be reminded of my broccoli hatred, just in case I forget and go to make a broccoli sandwich in the middle of the night or something??

Jalan Jalan on you Broccoli.


Anonymous said...

Happpppppppy Birthday to the funniest blogger in the whole wide world!!! Hope you have an awesome one, I just turned 29 too, last month, aiiiiiii it's so weird, we're on the precipice now.

I love broccoli, man I wish I could have that funny cute lil broccoli man sitting in my kitchen, no fair!(I'm being serious btw, it's a wonder vegetable, I liquidise it and drink it raw)


Anonymous said...

Hey - BUT you won't forget it either...I believe it was one of the silliest things i have seen!!
xxxx Tshirts aah cummin. hee hee

Rach said...

i hope its a t-shirt with broccolli on it!!

gross you drink brocolli. sic sic sic.

Anonymous said...

Dear dying star; i have to leave a comment on this post because i when i was reading it i splurted out my drink at my screen at work.

Jalan-Jalan is actually just a phrase for 'going out' or 'leisurly walk'. I LOVE how you use it though!