Friday, June 19, 2009

What is wrong with this picture??

Today I left the house dressed like this:

I can't believe I willingly left the house dressed like 1990's Jerry Seinfeld.

That's not the worst part.

The worst part is that I knew I was dressed like 90's Seinfeld (blue jeans and white sneakers should never be seen) and I still left the house!

I walked to Crows Nest! I even had a meeting with my bank manager!! Maybe he thought I was a good investment based on my super-lame outfit

"no one dressed like 1990's Seinfeld is going to be a bad investment"

There are lots of other issues I have with this outfit, ie: the kinda high waisted jeans element (although I am sure these days they are considered 'normal' waisted jeans, yet compared to the jeans of my early 20's where my Mons Veneris would be on display, these are definitely 1960's pants)

Ergh. I went for comfort over style!!! What is happening?? Those white sneakers are the comfiest shit I have had my feet in years, yet I look like a major douche wearing them, but I don't care anymore... I hate being mature. It was much better being stylish and in constant painful circulation cutting off outfits and bone-crushing shoes when I was younger.. or was it???


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for at least a year. You are really damn funny, the number of times I have loudly started laughing at something you have written and everyone in my office has realised I am not working is becoming ridiculous. Thank you!! Also what is right with this picture? Lenman is well.

sharnee said...

Hi, I too have been reading for a while (but never said anything, except once I was going to say "I too am an extreme cat lover!" but the post disappeared by the time I got here) but.... I had to laugh because whenever I see white sneakers and jeans I am always like: "HAHAHA, there's Jerry Seinfeld!" (and think I'm quite funny).
I also think bank managers probably wear worse fashion on their days off, so not to worry. I bet he thought you were super fashionable!

Moi said...

I know how you feel – I recently bought a pair of Birkenstocks. That’s when I realised that it was all over. I had quite an internal fight prior to the purchase – extreme comfort in purple patent leather vs blatantly looking like a lesbian. Comfort won out. Now I look like a lesbian tourist.

Rach said...

yeah sorry sharnee, I had a think about it and that cat post seemed crap.. but I did read it, and I love a cat person.

i love them almost as much as my nerdburger white sneakers

Jewels Diva said...

Nothing wrong with what you're wearing. Most people wear casual on a normal day.

Nina said...

I never got to read the cat post! It was in my RSS feed, but was gone when I came here. Devo :(

Your outfit is pretty trendy-casual I reckon. Looks good. Nothin wrong with 90s Seinfeld. All that shit is back now anyway. Everything's all slouchy and sloppy. Can be stylish AND comfy!