Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pet Peeve

It has been said before that I hate the phone. I can count on one hand the amount of people who I can tolerate speaking to on the phone. For one - conversations are halted, you have to repeat yourself, your wildly flailing arm gestures are of no use, and cell phone drop outs and dead zones are just the tip of the iceberg of my phone hatred.

That is why I prefer to see my friends in person, sure we might not see each other for 4 years, but you can't confuse anything when you are standing right in front of someone and looking into their eyes when you pour your heart out.

I would also like to give an award to whoever invented MSN Messenger, and the Email. Thank God for the written word. So basically if you don't write good or you cant get your shit together to hook up in person - then odds are our relationship won't last very long. (I count amusing status updates as forms of communication)

Boo You Phone.

People should have newsletters. I would love this. 1 x A4 page of what you've been doing for the past month, a photo of yourself, and distribute them to all your friends & family. It would be cute, nothing would be left out, and it would dispel the myth that 'print is dead'.

One of the things I hate most about the phone is the 'surprise conversation' when the person you are speaking to says "hey I'm just gonna put blah blah on the phone so you can say hi"

Can you not??

I don't want to speak to this person. If I did I would have called them myself. Then you have to do the tedious chit chat... the worst.

Actually - No this is the worst.

Imagine your dad calls you, and he is on holidays in Thailand, and then he calls you late at night, starts talking with some bizarre american hybrid accent, and then!!!! does the 'surprise conversation' trick and puts on some thai-random (and in my brain: hooker) for you to speak to!!

Gross. So disgusting I cant even describe. I think i'll have to throw my phone out now that it has violated my ear-hole in such a way.

Here's a tip!! NEVER phone someone and then put a thai-random (and possible hooker or ladyboy) on the phone to speak to them.

Screw you phone!! None of this would have happened in an email. For one, I don't think hookers like to spend their hard earned cash on internet access.

Erghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I need to go wash my ear. I'm in the market for a new cochlear if you see one.


Nina said...

D: Eww that's nasty!

And yeah, the phone sucks. In person wins.

Sez said...

That's horrid!

What on earth made him think to phone YOU. HIS DAUGHTER, in this situation?

Your Dad sounds seriously disturbed - Not only picking up a hooker, but a Thai one, and then phoning his daughter.

If you were younger, I would say social services would want to know.

Rach said...

you wouldnt want to know the other disturbing shit that happened when I was younger.

But you can read about it in the memoir i'll write one day

blokeman said...


Your Dad was always hilarious.

When I would walk in and he would say

"Dan, Dan come here sit down"
and he would be watching Pink Floyd concerts on video and he would tell me the exact same thing ever time

"Honestly Dan, these guys put on the best light shows" hahahahaha

Still going to Thailand though hmmm

Rach said...

he's a good guy, he just needs to stick to the Pink Floyd and less with the thai-lady-boys.

unless you're marrying the woman don't introduce me!!!!!! its the one thing I ask in this world.