Saturday, June 20, 2009

How about this one...

So, it turns out my scheme for making me an instant millionaire isn't as great as I thought it was. I will have to stop spending my imaginary money on a mansion with a pool with a glass deck on the top so we can dance on the water like Jesus...

My crap scheme was: utilise the power of effervescent tablets (Berocca/Aspirin) and change the dynamics from vitamins/medicine to the power of Coke/Fanta... and then we will give these magic tablets to povo africans or thirsty guys in the army... unfortunately people have pointed out to me that povo africans don't even have clean water to make fizzy drinks with, let alone have need of a Fanta Lake in the middle of their village (and I'm sure the zebra's don't want Fanta either)... well that's just great.. back to the Drawing Board.

My NEW idea is this:

A Taxi Simulator for Drug Addicts.
It's a well known fact that sitting in a car and being driven around is one of life's great pleasures, it's probably even better when you are really high on heroin and just want to be warm and listen to the radio, and have a nice hearty chat with a wise old taxi driver... so I suggest a taxi (that is stationary - like a ride) to be set up with wind machines, and people running past with tree-cut outs (to give the passenger the feel of momentum) I reckon drug addicts would love that. I suggest $200 for one hour, or you can barter your goods if you are too poor and spent all your money on drugs before realising you want a ride in my taxi simulator (1 x bag of potato's = 5 mins)

And this gem also came to me: how about we rally for PENSIONS FOR PAEDOPHILES! you could give them discount cards to shop at Toys R Us, and half price Disney Movie tickets. The recession is hitting everybody, the Pensioner Paedophiles don't want to be left under the rock.

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