Tuesday, June 30, 2009

90 Million Dreams

There is a pretty big lottery jackpot up for grabs at the moment. $90 Million to be exact. It's making news headlines. It seems that everyone I know has a ticket and are having imaginary spend-a-thons in their heads right now with what they will do with their money if they win. I am no better, I have my trusty ticket and am thinking up ideas for the worlds greatest refuge for displaced Burmese Cats.

The odds are though. That I won't win. Nobody Wins.

Plus the fact that we as a nation squandered all this money on lottery tickets, when we could have donated that money to a state of the art research facility to finding a cure for cancer or something worthwhile. Just seems wrong.

Besides - people who win the lottery end up junky recluses living in self devised panic rooms constructed out of cardboard boxes with rodent security guards. I bet these folks wish they'd never wandered into the newsagent on that fateful day:

William Post: won $16.2 Million
His girlfriend sued him for millions. His brother hired a hit man to kill him. Had a heart attack. Squandered his money. Declared Bankruptcy. Ended up living on social security.

Jeffrey Dampier: won $20 Million
Kidnapped and Killed by his sister in law who wanted the money.

Jack Whittaker: won $315 Million
Let's just say his life went to shit and ended up spending more time in court with litigation cases than one man needs to. Besieged by people wanting a handout. Lavished money on his grand-daughter who ended up being killed by drug dealers.

I guess what one can learn from their forays into the imagination dreamland of winning the lottery, is that you shouldn't tell people. Specially people you're related to (if they have a gun). Besides money can't buy taste.

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Jewels Diva said...

Nobody wins huh?

Apparently the odds were 1 in 45 million. Well, it seems it was 2 in 21 million.

Geez, they got those odds wrong. Needless to say, more people have won in all the other divisions. so many will be happy.