Saturday, May 09, 2009

Vegas & The Prawn

In highlight news: Lenny is at home!!!!!!!!! Convalescing on the couch. Being a big sook. But that is ok, because Mr Man MD (the nurse) is taking good care of him.

This couldn't have come at a worse time really. Does a cat really need to ingest venlafaxine the morning that I am due to fly out to Cairns for 3 weeks for a tropical sunshine holiday? I just wish I was there to monitor every move he makes. I want to rub his head, feed him water, help him poo. If society lets me - when I get back I am going to wear lenny around in a sling meant for newborns, strapped to my chest at all times.

It is really hard when an animal gets sick. I am sick with worry. Hammering up a fence won't take my mind off it, nor will riding a bike to the shops and back. Unfortunately I have a very high emotional attachment to anything cute and furry. But this doesn't just stop at cats. I feel sorry for discarded fluffy toys on the road. "ooh poor thing! it'll be so cold and lonely!" I always have to resist the urge to rescue roadside toys. I cant even tell you the heartache I endure going into a salvation army store and walking through the soft toys section "nooo! they are so sad! they need homes! well at least they have each other to talk to"

That is why when I saw that fluffy fur coat hanging in the Salvation Army store, I simply had to bring it home with me. It was too sad to leave it alone in that shop. Yes even clothes have feelings in my opinion.

So today when i'm walking around a market at Cairns and we come across a box of Yabbies (essentially for human consumption) I had to rescue one.

Welcome Home Pinchy!!!!!!

No longer do you need to fear the smell of garlic and butter! No more will you rest in a box with a billion of your brothers and sisters! I will save you!!!!!!!

Unfortunately I don't think Pinchy wanted to be saved.

He's already tried to commit suicide once.

He turns his nose up at the food on offer: sourdough/chilli beef, and tries to escape at every chance, and waves his pinchy claws at us if we get too close. Where's the regard Pinchy??

My only hope is that Pinchy and the cat (Vegas) form a bond, whereby they go about solving crimes and helping neighbourhood animals by being a team of misfit investigators.

It could happen..

I picture Pinchy having some Swiss/French accent, whilst Vegas is a bit like Ray Romano, and not wanting to go along with Pinchy's schemes, but does anyway - because Pinchy will nag and nag and pinch you until you agree

Vegas & The Prawn
Fighting for another day
Let your problems float away
Vegas & The Prawn
Vegas & The Prawn


Anonymous said...

say hello to Ma and Vegas for me.

Glad to hear Lens OK....Unc

Sez said...

He's home! Thank goodness. Been thinking about you guys over the weekend. Especially as Zeus was following me everywhere on Friday night.

Hope you can enjoy your holiday Rach. Must be hard though. But at least you can get some catlove from Vegas.