Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reality Ugly

You know what's really dumb - when you watch an ad on tv, and its full of ugly "real" people. People with saggy boobs and fug heads, like they are going to trick you into buying their stupid car or joining their dumb bank because they have 'real' people in their ads.

I'm not that stupid. I know they're extras. Or they are just badly paid second rate actors who got sucked into being in an ugly reality ad.

Is it too much to ask that tv be peppered with good looking people? Isn't it supposed to be an escape from reality? if I wanted to see ugly people at the bank - I'd walk to the bank.


You know what else gets my goat - when bitches you hate from high school want to hook up just because you happen to be overseas at the same time. Let's get one thing straight here I went to two different high-schools.

1 x Excellent High School
1 x Mediocre School

The mediocre high school was povo. We had teachers with no idea who would write one thing on the blackboard then disappear for the lesson. When I started half way through year 10 - I came first in most of my classes, even having missed out on half the curriculum?? Go Figure. However the company I kept made up for all the lacks in my education - as they were the best people in the world, and most are still my BFF's to this day, and even the ones that I don't speak to often I would still high 5 in the street as opposed to reaching for something sharp to shove up their nose into their brain cavity (coming up)....Quality over Qantity.. or something.. how should I know ?? - like I just said - my school was shit

The excellent high school - whilst having extremely high standards of academic achievement - was an all girls school who aside from about 2 people (BFF's) were all psycho bitches who I long to see under the smelly side of a garbage truck. Sooooo many bitches, not enough words. But imagine these situations: coming to school one day to find a note in your locker from your 'best friend' saying she doesnt want to be friends with you anymore, and had other girls in the class sign it and add their opinions as well... there is just something sick and wrong about All Girls Schools, like all that pent up sexual frustration turns inwards and they deal with it by being the worlds biggest cunt someone else.

Which is why it perplexes me when people suggest meeting up for drinks just cos you happen to be in London at the same time.. are you kidding?! I hate this Ho.

Yeah I'm a grudge holder.

To be honest I can't even remember why I hate this girl, only that I do, and so therefore I must have a good reason (it's ok - she hates me too - so we are equally retarded on all accounts)

No Drinks for You!


suze2000 said...

I too have never understood why people who cut you in High School think you're going to be happy to see them after you graduate.

My response is and always will be "you didn't want to know me then, why should I want to know you now?" (biatch!)

I like it most though when I run into them and they know me and pretend to love me and I can't even remember their name. Heh.

( . )( . ) said...

I feel the same way about facebook, why do people insist on adding you just because you went to school together? I was in a very particular group and I liked it that way, still do.

Dont add me fuckers.

Anonymous said...

Damn you and your Grudge picture, that movie and anything from it freaks me out. Nasty surprise.

Luckily none of the bitchy hoes from my school want to meet up with me. I'd rather die. Besides, I'm a bitchy ho myself.

Sarah said...

I dunno, my experience at an all girls school, socially, was way better than at public school. There was far, far less bitchiness. The teachers, however (with a couple of extremely notable exceptions), were shite. I had far more good (or at least competent and well-motivated) teachers at my horrid povo public high school. Go figure.

Rach said...

interesting backwards universe sarah, were these schools in QLD??

my experience in going to school (primary) in QLD were a bit like a interdimensional portal

This girl was bullying me - so I pulled out the spoon I was eating my yogurt with and said she better watch out!!! then she never bothered me again.

The power of the spoon shall prevail in trusty QLD

Sarah said...

You forgot to mention that you'd sharpened your spoon like some hard-ass prisoner :P

And no, both schools were in NSW. On the whole, I hated both of them. And primary school too.