Sunday, May 03, 2009

Partying like a Verb

Had a party on saturday night
Excellent Turnout
I am so cool and popular
Jobless - but at least I had my bestest friends there to celebrate with me

Learnt a LOT:

* The last thing you want to eat is one of those live squids, and then have it climb its way back up your windpipe and strangle your lungs. Although it would be totally cool if you were to take psychedelic drugs at the same time.

* If there is the tiniest of stages, you should find it and dance the night away like you are in an Aerosmith film clip

* Having your top fall down and walking around in your bra is fine, as long as you are too drunk to notice

* When you go to a houseparty at 1am, its perfectly fine to have an impromptu job interview when you are totally smashed and falling over, then turning down the job because you don't want to have to 'learn' stuff.. pfft learning is for plebs.

* Naan bread should only be chewed then spat out like chewing tobacco, as its far to dry to actually swallow

* Getting out of the cab to spew is the perfect way to get out of paying the cab fare, suckers.

* Surprisingly the floor can be quite luxuriously comfortable at 3am

So, after spewing my guts up allll day (even cordial won't stay down) I am going to pull myself together, find the huntsman spider hiding in the CD's, then get myself prepared for three weeks in tropical queensland. Must; get a tan, read all 14 books from the library, see how the lychee man is doing, write a masterpiece, devise a self-swinging hammock.

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K-Spice said...

that there is some excellent advice... sounds like a great time!!!