Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mackin' Out

You can learn a lot from 18 year olds these days, there is lots of new slang out there that I haven't even heard of - the most recent being 'mackin out' where two kids mack out on each other (read: get amorous) in front of the general public. Gross. I never mack out. Refuse to. I didn't even mack out at my wedding, if you want to see two people getting onto each other, go rent a B grade porno.

Tonight I was witness to more mackin' out than I will ever need to see in a lifetime. At The Presets gig at the Hordern Pavillion.

All Ages Gigs suck. However they didn't suck when I was underage, maybe because I wasn't preoccupied with taking a billion photos of me and my friends, and mackin out with any guy within arm's reach. I was too busy staring at the stage, focusing on not passing out from dehydration, and nursing injuries sustained from crowd surfers and mosh pit storm circles forming around me. This all-ages crowd were nothing but drunk beyond belief, drugged up, shirts off, slimy mack heads. I think I caught Acne when one of the slimy ones slid past me. What is the point of getting that off your face that you pass out as the headlining act begins??

Tonight's Presets gig was sold out apparently - so why then did we run into about 5 people who were trying to give their tickets away at the Fox & Lion across the road from the show?? Are people that affected by the rain they will forfeit their $60 ticket to stay dry inside. What a bunch of homos. Anyway - even if they did stay home in their comfy pants in front of the heater watching Law & Order SVU - they sure didn't miss out on much at the Hordern.

The Presets were............. meh

I give them a 5.5 - being that they delivered everything I suspected of them, but not one tiny thing more. They played every song off Apocalytpo, and the 'hits' off Beams - which I'm sure to a majority of Presets fans would say that it is the superior of the two albums. Nevertheless - you would have heard all the songs you wanted to hear but nothing more. No surprise mix-ups, no mixing up of any kind - the songs didn't blend into each other - it was like they put on the CD and plugged in a microphone and got a drumkit and created their own Guitar Hero - Presets Tour. Very Average.

The Presets are an Electro Pop band I would say, and I have seen my fair share of Electro Pop artists in concert over the years - the best being The Chemical Brothers, now the Chemical Brothers are probably about 50 years old now, but they put on the best electronics show I have ever seen. Smoke Machines. Lasers. Awesome Sound. Digital Screens. And did I mention lasers??

There were no lasers at The Presets. There were lights, but big deal. I have lights in my kitchen. OOH a red light, I could go to Bunnings Warehouse and sort that out - no big deal. I want lasers. I came to see lasers where the eff are the effing lasers?? The lights were budget anyway. I've seen better light installations at an RBT station driving home on the harbour bridge.

The sound was average. My heart wasn't being pounded out of my chest with the bass line - which is the main thrill of going to gigs in the first place. If I can't feel the beat of the music in my bones, then I may as well be on the bus listening to my iPod.

The only person truly enjoying himself was Paul Mac - who takes the meaning of Mac'n Out to a whole new level. I have never seen someone so off their face and still standing in my life. Can ecstasy do that to a person?? maybe he is able to shoot heroin and function standing up.. Paul Mac is also old. How old is he these days? about 45?? he needs to stop using the drugs and get some L'Oreal skincare if not. I think he would probably still be there swaying if the concert hadn't ended and his equally old friends dragged him out by the elbows.

Needless to say I was a little disappointed - the whole concert felt like an elaborate HOME nightclub set -that is to say average dance music and no amazing set/costumes/stage show of any kind.

This is what The Presets did at the Arias

Funny hats - back up dancers - digital screen and smoke machines (and lasers probably) and what we were treated to tonight was a pretty abysmal effort worthy of a sad RSL somewhere along the forgotten coastline of northern NSW.



Anonymous said...

i agree. where's my refund?

Anonymous said...

Totally agree in all aspects of the concert. Damn 14 year olds hooking in like it was there last kiss.