Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I can't live. If living is without you..

I often wonder, who was Mariah Carey singing about when she sang "Without You".. some dude?

I cant live
If living is without you
I cant live
I cant give anymore
I cant liiiiiiiiiiiiive
If living is without yooooooooooou

But now I know, she was probably singing about her cat -who accidentally ate her medication and had to be taken to the vet at 2am

As that is what happened to Lenman last night, and I can. not. function. at the thought of something bad happening and having to go through life without him.

I would seriously take a bullet for that cat.

I don't care if it cost $30,000 to fix him. I would pay it. I would sell a kidney. I would do very bad things to ensure his survival.

Is it wrong to have a best-friend that is a cat? I don't think so. I spend hours with that cat. We nap together, we hang out together, we sleep all night together, we spoon together, he even eats tacos with us at the table! He is as close to human you can get, except way cuter and furrier.

Oh man, I seriously can't live. If livin is without lenman... I can't liiiive. I live anymooooore!

Get Better Lenman


amanda said...

I hope he pulls through. What did he eat? Just curious, I'm a vet.

Sarah said...

:( Get well soon, Lenny. I hope he's ok, Rach... I get where you're coming from :)

Julie said...

Get well soon Lenman ! I would just crumple if anything happened to any one of my three cats! They are my babies


suze2000 said...

Awww. :(

*crosses fingers*

KittyMeow said...

OH NO!! Poor poor kitty. I really truly hope he is going to be okay. Please keep us updated.

Sez said...

Lenny! Get well soon. Poor little guy.

I know how you feel Rach. I was stressed enough when Zeus got a UTI let alone what you're going through.

Hope you two are napping together again soon.