Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blankets Anonymous

I woke up this morning with a startling realisation. I am 28 and I have a security blanket.

It was a wedding present, and it hasn't left my side since. It obviously become my wedding present as opposed to our wedding present. I would lie around in it naked for hours in our honeymoon bungalow - far preferring it's soft minky blankety goodness on my skin - than say... my husband's hands...

My name's Rachel and I'm a Blankaholic.

When I was packing my bags for my Cairns getaway, I had everything ready to go, then as a last decision (an obsessive compulsion) I quickly hid my black blanket in my hand-luggage. It felt like I had scratched an itch.

However - it's not just me who loves this blanket.. my husband obviously loves it but he should get his own - this is my blanket! (rule being that if it's your friend that gives you the blanket - then the blanket would be yours in the divorce, hence it's my blanket)

I didn't tell him that I had taken the blanket with me, so a week later when we're on the phone he's like "do you know where the black blanket is?"... "umm on my bed" ooooh caught.

He wanted it. Lenny wanted it (trust me if the blanket is lying around, you will find one purring cat hiding inside it at some stage), and now my mum's cat wants it.

My mum's cat has taken a liking to my security blanket. He would prefer to lie in a dark room, kneading my blanket and purring like a mofo - than be hugged and get some human affection on the couch. It's a sickness. This blanket is kryptonite.

So yeah.. I have a security blanket. It's not that weird is it??? It would be weird weird if I took it away to Europe with me this summer, as that is crossing the international boundaries of blanket lovin, it's taking it one step tooo far - when you would choose to pack a blanket for an overseas trip, than say.. clothes...

I just have to hope that there are suitable blankets in my travels over there.. or I might have to cut off a small square to carry around with me like a dity little secret in my pocket.

mmmmmmmmmmmmm Blaaaaaaaaankkkkkkketttttttt

(I can totally understand why Michael Jackson named his kid Blanket.. if he wasn't such a weirdo, i'd do the same thing)


Anonymous said...

that blanket sounds soooooooo good.
I too have a blanket that is supposed to be 'ours' but I have claimed it as mine... Blankets at 28 is so much better than having our own children. much less maintenance and much more cuddly...

Esz said...

A picture of this blanket??
With Lenny in it??


I can totally understand the lust for the blanket.
Now....dare you call it blankie???


Rach said...

yes, when I am in a really ghey mood i will snuggle up with my 'black blankie' - thou luckily noone is around to hear my thoughts.. i love that blankie