Monday, May 25, 2009

Backwards World

Before I left on Holidays.. the night that Lenny almost died :(... I was at the vet at 2am, and having nothing better to do than stress out and flick through the macabre photo album of "lost loves ones" (pictures of peoples dead pets) I decided to weigh myself on the giant pet weighing device


These past three weeks, I have been eating the whole world; chocolate biscuits, cake, more biscuits, more cake, ice-creams, and my only exercise activity has been limited to; sunbaking, swinging in a hammock, going to the cupboard for biscuits...

I figured I will have put on at least 5KG in my time here.

However - today when we finally replaced the batteries in the scales, to my surprise I have not gained weight - but lost weight??!?!!!



What is up with Queensland?? Up is Down, Right is Left, Fat is Good, Hammocks burn Calories??

I wonder what else could happen in this crazy mixed up state?? Perhaps I should start applying for jobs here and I will become the CEO of a financial institution?? (maybe long division skills don't exist in QLD)


Sarah said...

maybe long division skills don't exist in QLDWe elected Barnaby Joyce and Ron Boswell. You could probably become *Queen* here if you played your cards right!

Anonymous said...

Well shoot, I better get my arse up to QLD then! Eating junk and being lazy sounds like an awesome way to lose weight.