Friday, May 22, 2009

The Accidental Racist

Is it just me or does "the accidental racist" sounds like an awesome title for a film? My super dream hunk Jeff Goldblum could be in it.. plus it could be based on me - finally! my chance to shine!!!!!

So, I have to get it out there that I freakin love Japanese Tourists. I would go out on a limb to say I love all Japanese people, but I haven't been to Japan yet to see them in their natural habitat, but i'm sure I will love them over there as well.

Today I was sunning myself on the Great Barrier Reef - having a snorkle, chasing sea-turtles, scraping my body over coral reefs in the ridiculously low-tide - and also trying to pose good in photos that I was taking of myself with the self-timer on.

This one came out ok:

It's your typical posewhorey beach pose - but I was pretty stoked with my ingenius (one leg in the air!! who would have thought? I should be a photographer for Vogue)

THEN the Japanese arrived, and they put my one leg in the air effort to shame.

First of all - they had their own photographer!!!!!! Some older guy with a professional camera who they would screech at when they wanted a photo taken. And they weren't taking stupid 'lets stand here in front of the ocean' photos - they were doing some gymastic feats.

I spied with my little eye these girls doing a human pyramid.. then one girl would stand on another girls shoulders, then they would throw one girl in the air and catch her.. WTF! soooo awesome!!

I never take photos like this.. with my legs over my head.. i'm gonna start though! The Japanese have inspired me. For one - you never see a Japanese tourist having a bad time, or whinging about things.. sitting behind me on this lustrous island were some old farts (white hillbillys) who bitched about the Great Barrier Reef saying it wasn't that great, then one of the wiser hillbillys asked the main one had she gone in the water and she goes "NO!!" Pfffft. FAIL! They should do an eyeball scan on these people when they try to buy their tickets and then deny them entry.

"we don' take kindly to your type roun ere" but bring on the Japanese!!

They are just so super cute. One large breasted sun lover took her top off and the japanese men of all ages all ran down to the beach to take 'landscape shots' with her huge breasts in the foreground... ahhh.. memorrrrrries.

So I vow that on my European Vacation 09 in August this year, I will no longer stand in front of some dusty monument with "just take the fucking picture" face on. No I will be back-flippin, leg-spreadin, high-jumpin, my way allll over those historical sites.

Restetpa (respect)


Sarah said...

Lol "Landscape shots"!... That's pretty cute.

kiki said...

it's how you gotta roll

KittyMeow said...


On Boxing Day last year I was up Mt Wellington (in Hobart) when it SNOWED. YES IT SNOWED....

and what did I see - Cute Japanese tourists making MINI SNOWMEN to hold in their hands and take photos of!
This is further proof that the Japanese will go to any length to get the best photo they can while on holiday :-D