Monday, April 06, 2009

Not My Assembly

I was talking to some school teachers this weekend, and the topic of School Assembly came up, to which I learnt that threatening children with having to perform at school assembly is a done thing?

Not to me.

I looooved performing at school assembly. I would go out of my way to make up routines so I could perform, and would pester the school principal for permission to perform.

I can rememeber my School Assembly performances as so:

Primary School:

The Turnip Story: I was new at school and they were going to perform some show for the old people, in which a group of farm type characters - attempt to pull a difficult turnip out of the ground. I was the old hag. Score

Monster Mash: the year above me at school was doing a dance routine for the "monster mash" technically, I wasnt in the production. But I snuck into the hall to watch and learn their routine, so I could perform it at a later stage.

Ghostbusters Routine: we dressed up in sheets and performed a dance to 'ghostbusters'

Da Doo Ron Ron Routine: exasperated at the lack of routines I got to perform in at assembly I self choreographed a dance routine to 'da do ron ron'. This went down well.

Physical Routine: with the highs of my 'da do ron ron' I decided I would yet again, perform a self choreographed routine, this time to Olivia Newton Johns 'physical' unbeknownst to me the sexual connotations of the song, and not to mention that my pink dress was see-thru and everyone could see my blue underpants.. I would not return to the stage for a few years after this debacle

High School

I performed in many a dramatic production at high-school, from the evil witch in Hansel & Gretel, to another evil witch in a self devised play about heavy metal, evil witches and dramatic eye-makeup, then I played a detective and had my own solo song... but nothing beats my year 12 performance for music, when I got up and played 'La Cuca Racha' on the xylophone.

If only I had the chance to perform at assembly these days.....

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blokeman said...

personally I am curious, as to when "The man in the Hat" comics will make their debut on the web???