Friday, April 24, 2009

Dear Fudge Shop

Dearest Fudge Shop Proprietor,

I am a massive fudge connoisseur. Every outing I go on will end up in a purchase of fudge, if fudge is indeed on the menu somewhere.

Blue Mountains - fudge
Tambourine Mountain - fudge
Rocks Markets - fudge
you can rest assured, if there is fudge - I will find it.

Today, being that I resigned my job - I thought I would go to darling harbour and poke around a bit before going to IMAX and try and fill out another pointless friday. and HO HO! i come across your fudge shop.

No testers however... nevermind, I've never come across bad fudge, so I don't see the harm in buying......... 15 types of fudge.. (well we only brought 2, but that's not the point)

The point is that I got my fudge home, savoured in the unpacking and slicing to pop into my mouth whilst I watched Black Books, and guess what?!

Worst Fudge Ever.

Like - can't even eat more than one tiny bite bad... in the garbage you go!!!

Now it's not the fact that i wasted $8 on fudge, but it does bug me being unemployed at the moment - I cant go wasting precious money on bad fudge, when I should be saving up that money to go and get hynotised or something. But bad fudge!! you should be ashamed.

It's not even fudge. It's sludge.

Shouldn't "mint chocolate" have some semblance of the taste of mint?? I'm too afraid to try the caramel. I already have the runs, who knows what it could do to me.

So in closing dear sir - please make better fudge next time, or at least have testers, or warnings that bad fudge could induce severe fudge-intolerance.

And on an unrelated topic, I think your fairy floss gave me a sugar induced headache and caused me to get into an argument on my way to the gym. I don't blame you for this though, as we all have to take responsibility for our lives at some stage.

(and i'm pretty sure the chick working there ripped me off a $1 when she gave me my change back)

Massive Fudge-Packer.

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Sarah said...

Ohhh my goodness... how does someone screw up fudge? It's fat, sugar and flavouring... it shouldn't be possible to make it taste bad. No wonder they weren't giving samples.