Saturday, April 11, 2009

....and that's how its Done!

I love going to weddings of good friends. They are the best kind.

I especially love it when my friends arrive in this:

Does it get better than a pink cadillac???!! the answer is No.

I wish I had that car. I would drive around in it everyday. Driving to the doctors for a vadge-scrape would take on all new meaning. I'm sure every event you could possibly attend, would become awesome just cos you're driving there in a pink cadillac... "i'm pickin up an AIDS test.. in my pink cadillac... i'm going to a funeral.... in my pink cadillac"

Onwards with the wedding. Palm Beach. Frangipani's. Purple Parasol. Cruisin on Pittwater. Excellent Vows. Excellent Music. One Excellent Couple.

Weeeeeeee. Officially Best Fucking Friends Forever.

Love that shit.

1 comment:

LeiSa said...

looks like one awesome time...


p.s- was that a harley in the background? wicked...bogan wicked!!!