Thursday, April 02, 2009

Air Guitar World Championships

I have to say I reckon I am pretty good at air-guitar. I am ambidextrous. I never fuck a chord up, and I can wail out a solo like Jimi Hendrix. However put me at a real guitar and its like a cat being strangled. Yeah Air is definitely the way forward.

So I was very pleased when I came across this documentary.

HILARIOUS.. .and furthermore.. Inspiring.

That. Could. Be. Me

The Australian Air-Guitar Championships are being held this year in Canberra over the Queens Birthday Long Weekend. Siic. It makes me want to head into the heathen land better known for its dead kangaroo carcasses, fireworks, and anal fisting porn. Finally it has something good to offer the world.

But that is not the best part.

The actual "World Championships" are held in Finland every year. and they will be in August this year, and guess who is going to be floating around Europe and the arctic circle at that time of year... ME!!!!!!!!!

OMG!! I could go and see C-Diddy in the flesh!! and sleep with Bjorn Turoque!

First stop: Auschwitz!!! Then the 'Air Guitar World Championships'!!!!

This is shaping up to be a very fine August... Very Fine Indeed!

(I can only hope that one day the world evolves to a stage where we have the 'Air Drums Championships, and dare I say the 'Air Pole-Dancing Championships'.. Eeeeshk!)

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