Monday, March 02, 2009

Worst Sunday Ever

Sunday Morning.... had been out the night before partying down, upside down on a pole, stealing cupcakes at midnight, got home in the wee hours, woke up late, went to the gym, came back for a shower.. ahhhhhh relaxing.

Nude. Walking around the house getting dressed. Put a bathrobe on as to not be seen in the nuddy by any neighbours with binoculars. Gave Lenny a hug.. started playing Hide n Seek with the cat.. when I feel this strange feeling on my arm.

A crawling feeling.

A decidedly many legs on my skin feeling.


We have a Huntsman Spider infestation in our apartment. Maybe it's because we are high up in the trees, maybe they just like our interior decorating. Either way it's not uncommon to see one or two of these fuckers scampering around on our roof at least once a month.

Exhibit A:


So so so gross.

I screamed so loud.. I ran around screaming. I jumped up and down screaming. I ran back into the only safe place I could think of, the shower, and stood on the rim of the bathtub screaming.

Die Motherfucker Die.

They have sooooo crossed a line. Hiding in my bathrobe is NOT OK!??!?!?

It's War.

Game On Bitches.


Belle said...

I think youve aged my heart.

I would have passed out quietly..actually thats a damn lie, probably not very loudly.


Requires a day off to recuperate I imagine.


Belle said...

PROBABLY very loudly.

KittyMeow said...

Yiiickk....Gross! I dont have an overly huge problem with spiders - as long as they are not ON MY PERSON. Gee-cripey I'm not surprised you screamed!!! ;-)

Sarah said...

You can send them to me- I love huntsmen spiders... I bet you don't have a cockroach problem! Or maybe you do and that's why they're there?

I had one walk up my arm and over my face once, when I was trying to escort it outside... I think maybe I wouldn't have handled it so well if had surprised me by hiding in my bathrobe...

Anonymous said...

Eeee, that's horrible. Can't stand those creepy bastards. I know they can't hurt me, but still. If they could, they definitely would.

Jewels Diva said...

I seem to have a roach or two every year find its way into my bedroom, just the other night even, and because I couldn't find it, I shut the door and slept in the lounge room. I vaccumed everything the next day, and found it in another bedroom the next night. As for huntsmen, hate, hate, hate them. One of those decides to walk into my room every year as well. I can tolerate small roaches and spiders, but not ones the fricken' size of my hand. Thankfully, they don't bother to scare the fricken' shit out of me that often.