Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time to get your Hate On

The Bushfire Relief Fund: i'm over it. seriously. i gave my $100 to the koalas, i brought some charity mascara, i felt bad for the people who lost their houses But really.. can we move on?? A couple of hundred people died and that sucks, but do we really still need all the fundraising bullshit?? haven't we raised enough millions? What about the Indian Earthquake of 2004?

283,100 killed, 14,100 missing, and 1,126,900 people displaced.

Get some fucking perspective australia. terrible things happen everyday to innocent people all around the world.

Sound Relief??!! jesus. did we have 'Quake Relief'? did coldplay do some homo acoustic set for those poor indians?? um no. Is it because they were already poor and dirty? is it because they live in 3rd world conditions so can "deal" with all that horrific loss better than us whitey westerners?? Is it because we don't have to live there so we don't have to think about it?

Give those poor indians some fucking millions please, they need it more than the displaced whiteys with NRMA home insurance policies i'm sure. 5 years on and i'm sure most of them are still living in disease infested huts.

Maybe i'm the world biggest bitch. Maybe i'm heartless. Maybe what I think here is wrong. Maybe my heart is just too big to contain the sadness of the world.

My heart breaks with joy and sadness when I see a homeless man eating a chocolate glazed donut in the gutter.


Belle said...

I have to say I agree. Its been irritating me, but dont want to speak out in case I get lynched. I know its dreadful, Im not saying its not, but Tsunami, earthquake, babies dying because of dirty water EVERY DAY - these need the money more then people who will be getting insurance and government hand outs.
Aus gave $5million to the Tsunami fund (dont quote me, its some info someone gave to me), and raised $50million within 3 days or similar.
think how far that money could go....

Amy said...

Totally agree with you. I had a similar conversation with my bf the other day, they have insurance so why do they need my money? There are better things the money could be spent on.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! Yeah, it's very sad and all, but geez. Perspective, people. Way worse stuff happens to so many people every freakin day, and does anyone give a shit? No. Pisses me off so much.

Anonymous said...

I've got a friend who lost everything in the fires, and even I'm over it.

Actually what annoys me is the thought that all those people who had no insurance (and therefore weren't paying their MFB/CFA levies, but still would have expected the CFA/MFB to save them when the shit hit the fan) will have their homes rebuilt from this fund. What the...? So next time, NO-ONE will have insurance, because it will cost a bomb, and they know the generous souls of Australia will help pay to rebuild their homes.

I don't think so.

I'm sure losing your home was devastating and I feel bad for those who lost loved ones, but come ON, don't take us all for a ride!

I gave money to wildlife rescue. That's it.

(posting anon because I don't want to be flamed for this opinion IRL)

Anonymous said...

Totally Agree!!

It's a hard thing to say but we really need to get perspective on all of this. It is very sad what happened but how much can it get milked...?

A lot of Australians have to stop living this sheltered life and wake up to the fact that bigger things occur throughout the world. What happened is incomparable to so many things of late BUT do we here about those - NOPE!!

Anonymous said...

Ya Agree hugely also!!

Devestation in all our neighboring countries, earthquakes in China, Tsanumis in Asia, Filth and poverty abound.

People still live with landmines!! in their backyards...look at the khmer, only 20 year olds with a smattering of education...genocide in the 70's to all cambodians who were creative or intelligent were anhilated!

So many forgotten tragedies!

Sure the bushfires were devastaing, to the direct people involved a small small amount of Australian population. BUT the amount of money could provide CLEAN water wells/schools housing to soooo many other eay less fortunate souls across our self absorbed planet!!

Anonymous said...



Rant Rambler said...

I agree 100%

I hate patriotism and nationalism that make the victims of the rest of the world invisible.

It was a tragedy, but it is a far bigger tragedy that we allow more than 40.000 people die every single day out of starvation and preventable diseases.

Jewels Diva said...

I absolutely agree, and even blogged about it myself at my site. Sooooo ovaaaaa it!

Anonymous said...

you are all whores.the lot of you.