Thursday, March 12, 2009


I really really really hate these types of lightbulbs

I dont know why.

I just hate them.

I look down on them.

All my life I have used the other prongey ones that you have to fit into the holes and twist around.. and then these screw ones come along and think they're the shit!!

They aren't.

I hate going to the shops to buy screw bulbs.

Have you ever brought the wrong type of bulb and got home and had to live in darkness for a month?? That happened to me once - with one of these fuckers.

I like the struggle of trying to fit that other type of bulb into its home, almost falling off the chair and breaking your neck. I like that. I feel alive.

Screw bulbs are for lazy people. Lazy people who do not 'live on the edge' like I do.

I also hate small hard to find types of bulbs where you have to go to Bunnings Warehouse and look through 3 aisles of tiny bulbs. Which is why I always steer clear of fancy lamps.

Fuck that shit.

Lightbulbs man....


Anonymous said...

Ah the Bayonet...the best bulb out there.
But serioulsy every time I got to buy a light bulb, I buy the worng type, everytime.

Jo said...

I hate that I'm nodding.