Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pool Party

I'm sure that when most people hear the words 'pool party' they think ..'cool, I can go for a swim'.. Wheres I'm thinking 'cool I can finally strut around like a 1970's porn star'

I have been eyeing off this super sexy bikini for months, I walk past it everyday on the way to work and I think 'mmmmmmmm sexy' but do I really need a new bikini?? I already own like 17, and I go swimming maybe 3 times a year... but when I received my friends invite for his 30th Birthday Pool Party, well that gave me all the ammunition I needed to get myself another.

For me, Pool Parties are the one type of social gathering where it's 100% ok to stand around looking like a hooker. So I brought the bikini, I sourced a pimpin furcoat from a friend, and got out my 10 inch hooker heels and I was set! All I needed now was for someone to snort some drugs off my stomach.

Essentially I wanted to pretend I was on the set of Boogie Nights.. So I practised standing around all whorey in my outfit in front of the mirror for two hours, finding out what poses made my butt look nicest, and what light gave me maximum hotness factor.

But unfortunately it thunderstormed and rained the whole time.

I got a complimentary bread stick upon leaving though, so at least the night wasn't a total bust.

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etoilee8 said...

Dammit. All that sluttiness, down the drain!