Thursday, March 05, 2009

My New Lie

You know what's boring about parties?? being yourself. I'm sooooooo boring. I bore me. Same old shit, same job, same mundane life as everybody else... or am I?????????????

I think from now on i'm going to tell people that I meet at parties that I am ...

Baz Luhrmanns Niece

"Hi! nice to meet you, what do I do??? nothing really, i just hang around, you know.. i'm Baz Lurhmans niece.."

Prove me wrong! Prove me wrong!

It's not that hard to imagine.. he's from the country, probably has a few sisters... i could be one of those sisters children!! too easy.

"yeah we have a huge ballroom in my grandads farm.. lots of red curtains.. that giant elephant from Moulin Rouge! I don't really notice any of that stuff though these days, its just a regular day hangin out with Uncle Marky"

It's feasible...if you're an idiot.


Anonymous said...

My daughter actually has Baz Luhrmanns 14 year old neice in her class and sorry to let you know, but she is a very boring child!! Your life is much more interestesting!!!

Anonymous said...

That was 'interesting' not interestesting! Sorry.