Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Knowing Me, Knowing Nothing

Do you ever go to those 'trivia nights'.. some pub, some weird questions, some smart indians in the corner??

I go to trivia nights sometimes after work in the city, we've been around to a few different pubs to try and find the best one, Forresters, the Fringe, the Clarendon.. yet every place is the same. some wannabe stand up comedian on the microphone, and the same questions which make you feel fucking retarded afterwards.

Last night we went to the Clarendon, and of our group we have a modelling agent, cate blanchetts agent, me - an agent, the casting director of all saints, and a male-model. It's a given that we are never going to come first unless the questions revolve around superficial pop culture and film & television.

It's really quite frustrating because the questions are things you should know, and the answer is residing deep in the untapped recesses of the brain, but no matter how hard you try to remember, the answer constantly escapes you.

I found my forte though, The Simpsons, and Porn.

Who is Mandula's husband?
What state has legal prostitution in the US?
What's another name for Brothel?

If only there were some sort of red light district/simpsons fan trivia night out there. We'd be winning for sure!

Till then, 'The Potato Gems' are in a firm 5th place.

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