Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Erghhh Surfers

Point 1 - get a job
Point 2 - no, I dont want to come down to the beach to 'watch you surf'
Point 3 - other clothes besides billabong exist
Point 4 - shampoo

anyway - what's really getting on my goat about smelly gross surfers lately is their ongoing commitment to being eaten alive by a shark. There have been a few attacks around Sydney's beaches lately, two guys had their leg chomped on, one guy lost a hand, and you know what they always say when they're being wheel-chaired out of the hospital.

"yeahhh fuckin ay! goin surfin agin tomorrow mate"

you. are. retarded.

I hope next time the shark has better aim and bites your whole leg off rather than just a few lacerations.

I don't care if you surf, or if you get eaten by a shark, that's your choice, but maybe surfing at night is a bit dumb?? considering that is when sharks are their most frisky. And then to complain about the govt not doing enough to protect beaches.. so what should we do?? have round the clock helicopters? ooh go the environment!

Then some jerks get on their boat and go catch a shark in the harbour. What did this shark ever do to you?? did it have a sign on it saying "i ate that guys hand". Wrong. The ocean is the shark's environment, if you go in and you get eaten, well that sucks for you.

It's not a who has the biggest balls contest, if you see a 2-meter shark swim under your board, it's perfectly understandable to say "not goin out again! just shit me pants" rather than going "yeah the swells not big enough ay"

Pick your places to be a hero.

Surfing the net - cool
Surfing with a white pointer - not cool

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Anonymous said...

two thumbs up, if i'm running through the jungle and a lion eats me, i'm not gonna complain that they should all kill me...die surfy scum