Saturday, February 28, 2009

So you think you can get married

I love a wedding. I love when its a friends wedding even more. Last night I went to a good friends wedding, and it rates up there in my top 5 weddings.

Floating Glass Pontoon. I love foor to ceiling glass windows, combined with being on the ocean. Its a win win situation. The music was great, being that the groom has excellent taste in music, the food was so great that I couldnt breathe in my dress because I ate so much. The people we sat with at our table were great, given that we all have similar things in common and they weren't jerks who didnt want to speak to strangers.

Yet the icing on the cake (and the wedding cake was edible!!! unheard of) was that when the bride and groom did their first dance they did a choreographed routine.

First of all.. who does a dance routine!!??!! proper steps and swinging each other around.. it was awesome.

The speeches though.. I really wish I was chosen to do a speech. I had a lot to say about the groom, aren't you supposed to dish the dirt on the groom? tell how their life was in chaos before they hooked up with the bride. I wish I could have imparted some of our stories to the crowd, it would have made the evening even more special

"I remember when the groom first met the bride.. he was reeling from a break-up with my flatmate - and had been stalking her by following her home and standing under her window listening to her have sex with guys then going home and crying about it... he was in a fragile state - so I was amazed to see him at the halloween party dressed up as the Crow with white shit all over his face.. and even more amazed to see that later on in the evening, his make-up was all smudged from pashing the bride all night on that first night they officially hooked up...

Before meeting the bride though, the grooms life was fairly chaotic... getting high and breaking into the neighbours pool for a swim at 3am.. getting high and making up a dance routine with me to the foo fighters at the big day out, crying for a week when some jerk at a party poisoned his fish.... but it was all happy days when he met the bride.

Kind of.. he asked her to move in... then when she moved her stuff over concluding with her giant keyboard.. he said it was too much, and asked her to move out.. but changed his mind and asked her to move back in.. then she moved to melbourne.. and he brought an apartment.. but she kept her couch as his place..and they brought a cat - which was on antidepressants.

So it was really a shock to recive this wedding invitation, and i'm glad they have finally settled down, in the one city, in the same apartment, and will hopefully get a cat who doesnt need to be on high dosage mood medication.

To the groom!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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Anonymous said...

Ha, WOW! Good luck to them.

Is that a picture of the bride and groom in question? If so, BEAUTIFUL! She looks like an angel!