Sunday, February 22, 2009

My New Shoes

Saturday evening I attended NIDA's 50th Birthday Party, at the NIDA premises in Kensington. They had a faux red carpet, and NIDA actors doing scenes where you picked your wristbands up from...(i love wristbands) Then you walked down a crazy walkway with exits off to a variety of themed rooms to encompass the decades that NIDA has been open. They'd put a lot of effort in, and no air-conditioning.. wtf? my fringe was having a hate-fest on my forehead the second we stepped into the 2000's....

Party Party Party, free drinks, canapes, anything that is small and on a toothpick is good eatin'. I was on constant lookout for anyone interesting. I spied with my little eye; Tom Burlinson, the chick who got her tits out in the first ep of Underbelly, The mum from 'Muriels Wedding', and lots of familiar faces from tv, film and theatre. Apparently Baz Luhrman was there but I didnt see anyone covered head to toe in glitter, but its quite possible I rubbed up against him in a passing hallway.

The entertainment for the evening was a look back at The Musicals of NIDA.. considering that noone that goes to NIDA does musical theatre (that's for the WAAPA grads) you have to wonder what peabrain came up with that idea???

The show went forrrrrrrrrrrrrever. Painful. Lucky we were sitting in the box seats at the front balcony so we could heckle the spectacle underneath us like those guys in the muppets.

Apparently the booze was put on hiatus during the pain-fest, and noone was happy about that, specially the actors.

When we were allowed to leave the theatre, we got more drinks, danced to Prince in the courtyard whilst some weird NIDA activity took place on screens around the venue, called 'Rockstars' where an actor gets up and mimes being a famous singer and pretends to be them for a song.. hey man, I do that in my kitchen everynight when I cook dinner?! where's my freakin acting degree? erghhhhhhhh NIDA....

Kate Munroe was DJ'ing in the pretend nightclub, and took the piss out of it. ABBA?! Celebrate?! jeez. It's like she put a mixtape on went backstage for a nap.

I bumped into all the peeps I had on my 'bumping into' list. Mission Accomplished. What Now?Why not go back to a friends house and get loose?

I went back to the house of my friend, who is a NIDA grad and a client, and also roommates with one of the series regulars on a Ch 7 tv show, and they were fuuucked up. In the best way possible. They kinda reminded me of Tom Cruise and James Franco, and were completely amazed that the shoes they had been trying get rid of for years, fit my feet perfectly.

Yes it was like cinderalla story. The boots that everyone had tried on, but they didnt fit anybody until I came to the apartment and they fit me perfectly, it was meant to be.

Yeah they are hot. Hot white leather converse wrestling boots. The one kind of boot missing from my life.

Thanks man!! i'll be sure to vote for you in this years Logies awards.

So in conclusion: NIDA is a place where crazy actors go to meet lifelong friends and take a lot of drugs with, anyone who made if after NIDA was great before they went to NIDA, and you might not know it, but at the end of a NIDA party you could find yourself in a tv stars apartment eating blueberries at 4am, with new shoes and a white hooker wig on. Thats just how I roll.


Anonymous said...

Well mercy me, that's just too cool for words. The hipsters would be jealous.

Rach said...

i'm jealous of myself

Anonymous said...

they just kiss your ass so you give them work.d'uh!