Friday, February 13, 2009

Jean Warfare

You know... sometimes I really can't be arsed doing things.. it takes me forever to put my laundry away, I leave RSVPing to the last minute, and I always make the man take down the garbage... but you know what I would never do??

leave a pair of fugly jeans on my co-workers desk saying you can 'have them if you want but if not can you take them to vinnies'....

um.. wtf? how fucking lazy are you??!

point one: i know these are reject jeans to the second degree, because your friend offered you the gross jeans first and you said you'd try them on, but didn't think they'd fit which is just code for "I don't want your ugly jeans"

point two: why then did you feel the need to leave said jeans on my desk with a post-it saying I could have them or take them to vinnies?? as we all know my hot tiny ass would never fit in those ginormous elephant jeans.

Hey I know its annoying to go out of your way to walk to the vinnies bin, but why would you think I would find this task any less annoying?? they aren't even my jeans that I'm donating!! suffice to say, the jeans are still in the office.

they have moved from my desk, to the other desk, to the coffee table, to the chair. I think i'll just keep moving them around to see how long I can keep them in the office for. I don't plan on ever taking these stupid jeans to vinnies.

screw you jeans!!!!


George said...

obviosly offered to you as, like you, their only place is in the trash. Trash jeans for a trashy whore.
Your work mates know you well

Rach said...

hmmm if they wanted me to feel the trashy whore vibe, they could have at least cut the crotch out...its just laziness otherwise

Sarah said...

Hmm, co-worker can't take a hint? That is pretty lazy... even I wind up taking my old clothes to Vinnies eventually, after leaving them bagged up and sitting on my bedroom floor for a month...