Friday, February 06, 2009

Inappropriate Theatre

Last night I went to the opening of 'The Removalists' at the Sydney Theatre Co. The Removalists is an Australian play written in the 1970's, set in Melbourne.

The opening was at the STC wharf and upon my arrival I perused the crowd for any exciting celebrities to shmooze with afterwards, and I locked eyes with my old ‘sexy eyes’ buddy (in my head anyway) Matt Newton.

I had no idea what The Removalists was about, but at least it was only 90 mins long and was in regular english, so I knew I’d be able to follow what was happening for once.

The play was very funny, Sascha Horler was amazing, and I was very impressed with Danny Adcock, who was a last minute replacement over Steve Bisley, and has only been in rehearsals for a week and a half.

About 15 mins into the play, I realised that the main theme of this play is violence.. and in the spotlight.. domestic violence.

Oooh awkward… for Matt Newton.

would you really be at the opening of a play centered around domestic violence if you were Matt ‘escaped domestic violence charges against Brooke Satchwell’ Newton?

Maybe he was a consultant on the play?? and showed them the good ways to bash a woman without leaving any bruises.

After the play I had my free champagne and canapes, and hung out with other agents and ingratiated myself into a conversation with Cate Blanchett. She is stunning. An Ethereal Goddess. No wonder though, the wharf feels about a km long when you walk down it, and she is running around it all day doing her Artistic Director duties.

At the bar I bumped into Matt Newton and had a good chat about Underbelly and him playing a believable criminal...with great hair. I can see why you’d drop the charges against him. He can bash me anytime.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the last season of Underbelly but refuse, on principle, to watch anything with Matt Newton in it, or his crazy family.

Anonymous said...

:O Cate Blanchett? Nice name drop!

suze2000 said...


Was she still normal-ish? We've been watching Heartland recently and she looks so young - compared to the timelessness she possesses at the moment, anyway.

PS found you via some other (now defunct) blog. I'm not a crazy stalker, but I don't really use Blogger much except for reading. Most of my posting history is at

unique_stephen said...

Watched it last night - was fantastic.

Sarah said...

Heh. I bet if you'd punched *him* in the face you wouldn't get away with it. And he is sooo gross, Rach. Molester-moustache, greasy hair and alien-head. Eww.