Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I got my P's and I don't care

A year ago, I did the unthinkable and passed my P's test. After hours of practice, and innumerable fights, and logging hours, and driving lessons, I passed the P's test first go.

Since then I have driven roughly three times.

Once - on the freeway to Byron, I drove about 100 meters before freaking out when a truck went past me in the overtaking lane.

Second - from the ferry wharf to my house, a 2 minute trip at best

Finally - to the gym and back

hmmmm. I just don't like driving. But I do like being one of those freaks who studies really hard for a test, and passes with flying colours, only to forget everything I studied for an hour after the exam is finished.

I guess that was the challenge of getting my P's in the first place, actually being able to get them. I don't really want or need them, but I had to have them.

Luckily for society, I have no higher aspirations of getting my medical license and becoming a brain surgeon, because after those 6 years of medical school, i'd end up in the operating theatre with my tiny skull saw buzzing going "soooooooo what do we do again??"


blokeman said...

ahhh Rach, the eternal passenger of life....

Rach said...

i like to look out the window and daydream.. whats wrong with that??

Anonymous said...

Eh I don't even have my Ps yet and I'm 23. have to get it this year though, no one will hire me without it. Sucks. Hate driving.

blokeman said...

Nothing wrong with that Rach. I enjoy the independence and convenience, though being in a regional town now, having a car is kind of vital as public transport is hitching a ride with a mate.

I do not however miss being the designated driver as I forever was in our teen years