Wednesday, February 18, 2009


"I want my goggomobil" - A commercial catchphrase from the 90's that I shall never forget.

This weekend I am going to NIDA's 50th Birthday Celebrations. I am most excited about an Open Bar, and the possibility of running into Cate Blanchett/Mel Gibson/Baz Luhrman as they are the big guns, and also draping myself over Matt Newton and Dan Wyllie when I am shitfaced and loose later on in the evening..

I also just learnt that John Gregg - who is famous for the Goggomobile commercial, will be there. Yesssssss. He is the pinnacle of australian advertising. What could make this night better?? Except maybe bumping into the spanish cleaning lady from the stainmaster carpet commercal "ohh mr hart - what a mess!"

and here's my joke for the evening "if all you NIDA people are here, whose serving the drinks??!!"

oooh burn.

but seriously, i'm sure some of them have jobs.

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