Thursday, February 05, 2009


Well, its been a long time to get here but I finally happy to announce that....

I am finally listed on IMDb (IMDbPro! even)


I even have my own message board. Plus apparently my star meter is up 34%. Awesome.

I am ranked 2,319,298, and there are currently 6,706,993,152 in the world, so i'm pretty up there right?!? Importance Factor to the max.

Now I feel I have the right to throw back the veal parmigana in the face of the waitress serving me because I did not order veal parmigana. who eats veal these days??

Bask in my glory bitches.

One step closer to being in the inner circle with Dan Wyllie.


Miss N said...

hehe - we always use IMDB at work to check the validity of peoples resumes! or stalk.. yep - more stalking actually.. It's when you reach IMDB Pro status you start warming up your arms for mobile phone throwing..

Rach said...

IMDb Pro is where its at!!
I have no credits otherwise..
Talent Agents get no credit. No credit I tell ya!