Wednesday, February 11, 2009


There is really nothing worse than a disaster zone. And I really feel sorry for the people who had their lives and homes destroyed by the bushfires in Victoria this week. If the fires were intentionally lit, and they catch the arsonists, they should be burned alive.

I know this probably sounds wrong and heartless to the people who are suffering, but I always get choked up about the animals that are victims in these sorts of situations, animals cant help themselves and we need to be the ones who look after them.

So I would urge anyone who loves the furry creatures to donate to the Victorian Wildlife Bushfire Appeal... if we won't help them who will?

poor creatures. breaks my heart.


KittyMeow said...

I totally agree. The poor animals always get overlooked don't they :-((

Dash said...

arsonists, he / she / they, stupid as they may be are human beings. Nothing ever gives anyone the right to take that away from them. Regardless of their actions. As such they should be treated that way. Nothing gives you or anyone else the right to say they don't deserve to live.

Capital punishment is archaic, misguided and a complete violation of human rights.

Any arsonists will suffer nightmares of what they have done for the rest of their lives. Surely that's also a punishment? Is there a need for you to sink to their level?

Rach said...

poor widdle arsonists and their nightmares... tuck em in extra tight and give them a glass of warm milk for me then

Anonymous said...

Nightmares for the rest of their lives??? Are you fucking kidding???

Yeah - That's the only punishment they need - nightmares...

They should be punished in the way they caused pain and suffering on thousands of lives.

Dash said...

smoking has caused thousands of deaths and health problems for hundreds of years, yet no one is looking to lynch up whoever discovered tobacco like a bunch of wild west cowboys.

the death sentence makes us nothing more than murderers ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the arsonists, compulsory work in a burns unit for life, with name tag and arsonist doing time.

yes the tagedy of the animals is soo sad too.

Any thought for flood victims, no food, no cattle food, no clean water, come on Australia, help flood victims too! the forgotten spread of disease etc, oh what a delightful third world they live in!

etoilee8 said...

Something about that first picture always chokes me up every time I see it. That poor koala is holding out it's hand in utter desperation.