Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bad Idea - The Musical

I've been working on a brief to do a recast on 'Shane Warne - The Musical'.... pfft. Granted i've never seen it, nor have any inclination, but what a piece of shit. Who thinks up garbage like that??! do they throw all their poo ideas into a giant hat and blindly pick things out??

Just because it's a musical, doesn't make it entertaining or educational.. and I should know cos i've learnt a lot of things from musicals:

Fiddler on the Roof: sucks to be a jew in WWII
Rocky Horror: you can only abuse your minions for so long before they turn on you and blast you a new a-hole with their space rays.
Oliver!: being hungry and dirty is ass, but stealing is ok.

What will we learn from Shane Warne the Musical? shane warne is a dick?? ooh revelation.

Whilst we're at it, why doesn't somebody get onto some other contemporary pointless musical ideas:

Clinton The Musical: always do your drycleaning
Hudson Plane Crash The Musical: water water everywhere and not a drop to drink
Economic Crisis The Musical: we're all fucked
Mad Cow Disease The Musical: floors and bees and cups and jeans, fleas and geese, cows and knees.

bags being Lead in all of them

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Raef said...

Eddie Perfect, the star of Shane Warne the musical, is a comic genius.