Saturday, January 31, 2009

Virtuoso Guitar Hero

Growing up, I gained all my good taste in music, from my dad, I went to Pink Floyd concerts (not knowing who they were "who are these old grandpas!!! I wanna see New Kids on the Block!") I know the entire Beatles collection by heart, and have a diverse taste in music these days thanks to my stimulating musically aware upbringing.

So when my dad asked me if I wanted to go see Jeff Beck with him I was like "who?" lucky a magic place of knowledge exists at my fingertips, so a quick surf on wikipedia gave me all I needed to know...

Jeff Beck seemed pretty cool, he played with Jimmy Page before he formed Led Zepplin, he almost joined The Rolling Stones... he's a pretty cool cat.

Jeff was playing at the Enmore Theatre, and I got a glimpse into my distant future.. old people standing around waiting for someone famous, whilst the 20 year olds have no idea who the fuck they are seeing. Dudes with sideburns.. and no hair on their head.. Chicks with boobs down to the floor, Stevie Nicks clones, grey hair, grey hair, grey hair. I can't wait to be old and buy tickets to a Daniel Johns concert playing solo in an RSL, Cheap drinks and comfortable chairs. thats what I'm talking about!

anyway, Jeff came out and yeah, he was pretty fucking amazing.

Fender Strat. No plectrum. Jeff don't need no stupid plectrum getting in the way of his magic fingers. He douses his hands in talcum powder in-between songs, and looked like Keith Richards' non-drug addict, better playing, younger cousin. He looked predicably british - white scarf, and a vest, leather pants and guns.. yeah he might be about 200 years old, but I wouldn't complain if I woke up underneath him after a hazy night with black holes missing from my memory.

The highlight, besides seeing Jeff shredding, was seeing Tal Wilkenfeld, the 22-year-old Sydney bass prodigy, I don't know how he found her, but she is the most amazing bass player I have ever seen. Incredible.

It's times like this I wish I had a talent. Besides being able to queef on demand (but after copius pilates lessons I realise that this talent might not be so special)

damn you really talented people who I had no idea existed until last night. damn you to riches.

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Lad Litter said...

Saw him at te Palais in Melbourne after being an admirer for oh, thirty years. Fabulous. Didn't even touch on half of his magnificent repertoire. Glad you enjoyed.