Sunday, January 25, 2009


Earth bores me.

Even if you want to go on a holiday to shake the boredom loose. You're still trapped on earth.
Same air
Same trees
Same sun
Same water
Same gravitational pull
You can't escape any of these things. Even the most amazing pyramid tour in egypt is still going to be trapped in the boundaries of our existance on earth.
Earth is a speck.
Why can't we go to jupiter for a change?
20% less gravity would be an awesome holiday. You could just float down to the shops to eat some really weird alien food.. go for a swim in a ocean with the consistency of jelly. Walk on water. Sunbake under beams with no bad UV and get a brazillian supermodel tan in 10 minutes.
Wouldnt it be nice to see some other creatures? i'm sick our our plants and animals. I'd like to meet a 2 headed 50 foot octopus -who was working behind the bar.
Our solar system is just a cosmic anomaly. We only exist because we happen to be the exact distance we need to be from the sun, a meteor crashed here with water, and the moon gives us that annoying gravitation pull.
I'm so sick of gravity. I don't even think it exists. It's all just dark matter I reckon. Dark matter? doesn't matter.
Does anyone else stay up for hours wondering what the hell?? the universe does my head in.
Should we even be here? humans think we're so important but we're just a virus on a pin-head sized planet.
I bet they dont have to worry about this shit in the Andromeda Galaxy.


Zoe said...

"Does anyone else stay up for hours wondering what the hell?? the universe does my head in."

You're not alone on that.

Can't wait til we can travel to different universes. That'll be awesome.

Bonnie said...

Yeah, I also am getting weary of Earth... I think about how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things, and then I despair.
But then, I realise that there is so much the world CAN offer even without going out into the peripheries of Earth, so many things that even a lifetime of exploration and learning can't complete... well, yeah, have to just be content with the myriad of things on earth, as mundane as they may seem.

nat said...

From what my Grandfather tells me, life before gravity wasn't that great. "Gravity was discovered in 1962, after Kennedy became President. Sure you could just float down to the shops but there was nothing fun to buy. Marshmallows were considered a real treat and sushi was virtually non-existent. Plus there was nothing good on television. After Gravity was discovered things were much better. We got colour tv, the Beatles and it became much easier to keep the cheese on your crackers."

blokeman said...

I hate to get all science on you, but thats what I am good at.

If you went to Jupiter, you would weigh 2.5 times as much so you wouldn't float to the shops, you would essentially be walking constantly in 2.5g's which is akin to the suction felt when you start getting stuck to the wall of a gravitron!

So your average 60kg woman would weigh 150Kgs on Jupiter....which would mean you would be morbidly obese and a contestant on Jupiters biggest loser.

So yeah...i get the thought, but I hate scientific inaccuracies.