Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Take a walk on the wrongtown

One post of mine gets a regular comment bashing about once a month. Die Slouch Boots Die really hits a nerve with some people. I guess because they brought a pair of these dumb boots and dislike having the fugly truth in their faces.

A recent hater: I love slouch boots and think you are silly to impose your opinion onto others. You don't have to like them; just keep your thoughts to yourself. I'm sure there are things you do/wear that other's dislike, right?

Well Anon, if there's one thing you should know it's that keeping your thoughts to yourself is not what a blog is for, this is my mental diarrhea outlet. And it's my bloggy right to say my outright disgust for fugly shoes, if you don't like reading it, why don't you guage your eyes out with a pen?

We are entering a new season however, and stinkin Slouch Boots are a thing of the past. I'm sure some hideous boots will creep onto the scene over winter, but for now it is summer and we have a new perpetrator of ugly.

Gladiator Shoes.


Yeah thats a good look. It looks really good on overweight short chicks whose already unforgiving frame now look about 2 foot tall with these abominations strapped to them. Is everybody in the midst of fighting a lion or two in their spare time?? Maybe you should fight to the death like they did in the old days, and whoever wins doesn't have to wear these ugly shoes anymore.

These are by far the worst shoes I have ever come across. Is it just me or do other people think that these shoes make people look like a baked ham?


The Summer 09 Fashion Victim award goes to: Baked Ham Shoes.


Anonymous said...

These shoes and others of their ilk are really, really aweful. We were talking about these at Christmas, when a group of 5 or so 17 - 20's walked past wearing them with shorts or mini skirts, bikini tops and showing their back tatoos. A lovely look. Not!

Dash said...

Yeah tramp stamps, lol!

Being a complete fashion idiot, haven't them shoes been around for ages? They have always been bad... Even those smaller ones that sort of wrap around the ankle. [shudder].

More girls need to learn how to accentuate what they've got, not just blindly go with what fashion tells them to wear. That way, they'll always look good.
Thanks Rach, you hit it on the head again!

KittyMeow said...

Frikkin hideous these things are. If you wanted to find a more unflattering shoe you would have difficulty. Crocs not withstanding as everyone knows they are the ultimate in Ugly.

Zoe said...

Fark I hate those things. It wouldn't be so bad, ugly as they undoubtedly are, if they were flattering to your legs. But they're not! They're the exact opposite! On EVERYBODY!

On the plus side, I look super hot next to anyone who wears them. Score for me.

aysh said...

I tried to buy some simple, sleek, low-heeled knee-high boots (I call them "Prague Boots" - I'm thinkin', 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being' sort of chic), NO CHANCE! I was confronted with horrible, bad 80's flashback,'rouched' shoes everywhere I look. I went home empty-handed, in disgust. You know, I finally found my boots (when I walked in they said "here I am, I love you, take me home!"in an op-shop.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more... I almost thought I was the only one to think they are an atrocity...

You should start a group...

kat said...

Hey, ease up. There's a valid specialized market there. Lots of us need these shoes because of all the Roman toga parties we go to. Those on the feet, sheet off the bed and we're good to go.

Sarah said...

You have forgotten the 'thongs with heels' trend of a few years ago. Lucky you.