Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sexy Cartoon Man

It's not often I get turned on by a pile of pixels. But phwoooar!!!! Beowulf is one hot pretend man

mmmmmm, sexy.

Whilst the movie itself was kinda lame, Beowulf is allll man. Plus he gets naked constantly.

Napping - naked
Killing a monser - naked
Swinging on a chandelier - naked
Going into a mysterious cave - naked

It's what Lord of the Rings should have been like. Way more nudity. That fight at the end would have been really good if Aragorn was nude. The hobbits might have looked a bit funny, but its not often you see a nude hobbit. you missed your chance peter jackson.

Anyway - Beowulf is all man. Plus i'm pretty sure those ingenius animators put a little beowulf peen in there for the ladies.


Epskee said...


More men in real life should aspire to be beowulf.

He shuts the fuck up, gets on with business, is buff, gets nekkid all the time, dies quietly (unlike any other man on the planet who moans like a bitch every time he has flu) and gets faced with angelina jolie and doesnt spend the next 10 years crapping on about teh hawtness.

Even when faced with a dude out to kill him, whats the most important thing? Thats right - ripping your top off.

Im sure chicks would play more PS3 and XBOX if the dudes stopped to get nekkid before fighting.

nat said...

The interesting thing about Hobbits is that although they have appropriately proportioned penises, their testicles are huge. Tennis Balls. It looks really strange.