Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mihuzban Syndrome

In my spare time from being awesome, I also like to partake in a bit of science. And I think I have discovered the chromosomal disorder which can be found in many people around the globe...mainly Husbands.

It is called 'mihuzban syndrome' and it is based on my husband.

'Mihuzban's' as they shall be referred to, refers to a special group of people who are really annoying and attention seeking.

Symptoms: You know when you're driving home from work in the car together and your husband wont shut up and talks a million miles an hour, telling pointless stories, telling jokes, pausing for applause and looks at your expectantly for a reaction. This is classic Mihuzban syndrome behaviour.

Diagnosis: Usually when confronted with someone suffering from Mihuzban syndrome, the typical reaction is to go into ignoring mode, which will usually heighten the amount of annoying things they will do and will make them become irritated and occasionally aggressive. If your husband comes into the room and won't shut up and calls you a bitch for not listening to his stupid story then he is probably carrying the Mihuzban syndrome gene.

Causes/Risk Factors: There is nothing worse than when you're sitting on the couch and your husband comes in and tries to take over the foxtel box, and whinges about every program you suggest, and then gets on his computer and clicks the mouse really loud looking for a reaction and an argument. Then he jumps on you and won't leave you alone so you tell him he needs to cut his hair and that will give him something to do whilst he looks at himself in the mirror for a few hours. Rest assured you won't be getting any peace and quiet for a while when he's having a Mihuzban episode

Treatment: Unfortunately there is no known cure for Mihuzban syndrome, however the best tactic for handling the problem is to placate them a little and feign interest in their dumb repetitive stories and lame jokes. But don't look toooo interested otherwise they will get a big head and that will lead to even worse Mihuzban's.

The Doctor is Out.

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might try it with a big dose of divorce?