Monday, December 08, 2008


I saw Australia this weekend. What a great movie

There are tonnes of haters out there, people who won't even give the film a chance

"why'd they call it Australia??? that's stupid"
"I hate Nicole Kidman"

First, a movie is about more than just its title, second, a movie is bigger than one actress.

Australia was captivating and beautifully shot, it made me want to take a trip out to the middle of Australia, for someone who has lived in this country my whole life its pretty pathetic that I've seen about 5% of the countryside.

However, the most important part of seeing this film is I feel the window it gives us into Aboriginal Culture, something that has been swept under the rug for too long. After walking out of this film I felt ashamed to be Australian. I learned that we were still stealing children from their parents as late as 1973. That is fucked up. That means that some of the girls I went to highschool with, their older sisters might have been taken from their families and sent to whitey missions. Awful.

Go and see this film.
See it for the beauty of the countryside
See it for Hugh's manly stubble
See it for Nicole Kidman's hilarious performance
Most Importantly - Go see it for the Aboriginies.
We owe it to them.


surfercam said...

Thanks for the advice.
Will see.

Graham said...

you are such a fucking hypocrite, you slag off movies left right a centre, you slag off aspiring actors, and when a shite film (yes I have seen it) comes out with Nicole 'Botox' Kidman and some leftist view of the 'stolen' generation you fawn and weep and wail.
The movie is abysmal, well shot, but terrible none the less.
Even the cast hated it.
3 hours? ridiculous
we owe the aboriginies? can you hear yourself?
You fucking hypocrite slag

Rach said...

also.. High School Musical 3 was pure genius.

besides the film really only goes for about 2 hour and 20 mins, as the last 30 is purely credits, as pretty much the whole population of australia worked on this film. Thats 18 million title cards. Kudos to that.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Graham on this one!
Do your homework re: the stolen generation.

Rach said...

i dont need to do research, movies tell me what to think.

so obviously you guys cant be guilted into seeing it for the aboriginies.

what about seeing it for the cattle-ranchers?? yeah go see it for them.

Anonymous said...

Had you have mentioned cattle-ranchers in the first place.......