Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Smelly Cat Homeless Piss Beach

Smelly Cat

I have never seen a cat enjoying a dirt patch and twigs so much before in my life. Granted Lenny is held captive in the spare room 24/7, and at most he gets a whiff of life outside when a piece of bark flies in from the trees outside, but this cat was going to town in the dirt this morning. How I wish I could get half as excited about something in my life that this cat does from shit on the sidewalk

Homeless Piss
Ahh what better smell to wander around in when you're at the post-office first thing in the morning... Could they not have hosed the piss away??.. granted there was a homeless guy sleeping in it, but come on! Can they not see the DINK-vibe emanating from me?? we need some Salvation Army peeps in here stat. I don't want to look at anything that gritty before I have my morning Chai (because I am a DINKy wanker)


Ahh lunchtime spent in the shade, with a long-sleeve cardigan on and tights.. Tan? What? I'll be the one laughing when those sorry fools being burned to a crisp get their shoulders removed from skin-cancer. Yes the most famous beach in Sydney does look good in the lunchtime sun.. I'll be impressed when we have an ozone layer.

And that is was my day...


KittyMeow said...

That cat has to be the cutest thing ever!

surfercam said...

I know what you mean about the pissy smell - I work in Surfers Paradise and most mornings certain areas smell like all the clubbers from the night before have all just pissed all over the place.