Friday, December 12, 2008

Fee this Mofos

I hate booking fees.

WTF are they for?

Nothing worse than planning a night out, booking your tickets then BAM! $3.80 booking fee.. we'll that puts my "entertainment for under $30" budget totally out of whack now.

Considering I'm picking the tickets up from the venue I really don't understand what this bullshit extra money is for... can it be a credit card transaction fee charge?? The poor cunts who work at the newsagent only charge an extra 50c when I purchase my bus-ticket on credit card and that costs more than my tickets..

Can't they just work the fee into the total amount so I am mentally prepared? I'd rather not know about it. When I'm being raped in the extra-fee department, I'd rather be kept in the dark.

That extra $3.80 really ate into my eyepatch fund. Now my outfit will look stupid.

Without the eyepatch, i'm just a jerk in red suspenders.

Screw You Booking Fee!!!!!!!!!!!!
What are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sarah said...

The last time we bought anything through Ticketek, they charged us a $4.95 'administration & handling' (or whatever) fee per ticket. The charge was the same regardless of whether we downloaded a PDF of the tickets, picked them up at the venue or had them posted out. We opted to have them posted to us just because it was the option that would have cost those fuckers the most money. What a rort.

kiki said...

i always get them posted, if i can, too. Make the cunts earn their booking fee

surfercam said...