Friday, December 05, 2008

Evil Smell Test

Look carefully at this picture

Now read this

And tell me that you can't smell French Fries emanating from the screen.


I'm having total olfactory hallucinations. Are McDonalds that evil a corporaton that they have rigged their webpages with magical html code that seeps out burger smells to the unknowing reader?? I think yes.

Ok. Grimace. WTF is that thing?? a big purple triangle monster. Why would this fat tub of lard make me want to eat burgers?? and 'Grimace'.. for enticing you to eat. They should have kept this advertising campaign going, as turning into Grimace is a good enough reason to not buy McDonalds.

Mayor McCheese forever!


surfercam said...

Yeah Grimace is a bit weird.
And if you had to pick a gay one (like they did with the Teletubbies), then he'd have to be it.

Helen said...

I ahte to say this, but I really didn't smell (or imagine to smell) anything...