Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Cat Abuse

I have a new game. Well its not NEW new, I have had it a week, and yes I do have arthritis in my hand now.

Guitar Hero World Tour.. can I get a hell yeah!

Last year when we got Guitar Hero III for christmas I played the game for about 15 hours straight and my hand cramped up so much that I thought i'd have to go to the emergency room to get help. That's dedication.. what can I say? that damned 'Knights of Cydonia' by MUSE was really hard to beat.

This year we have had Guitar Hero 'World Tour' brought for us, and this time it includes a drum kit, an extra guitar and a microphone. Bascially it will turn any family gathering into an episode of the Partridge Family. Or in a general party setting, you're bound to make friends with everyone in the room as its hard to be anti-social when you're trying to beat a really hard song together. That's the definition of teamwork.

You might notice that yes, it is the first week of December and I have unpacked my new toy. What can I say?? I have no self-control. But rest assured I will spend these hot summer nights trying to crack the new setlist, whilst getting massive cramps and causing serious damage to my tendons.

Plus its a good excuse to abuse the cat.

Goooo Lenny! kicking ass on Medium!

Once you get him on, you can't get him off..Will you shut up! you sound like... well like a cat. If only they had 'lovecats' by the Cure, then at least he could be relevant. We'll never finish the game at this rate.


surfercam said...

If you're cat could talk, I reckon it would say "Hey Rach - what the fuck?"

blokeman said...

God Lenny looks like Nancy, does he make you play midnight cat rodeo too?