Friday, November 07, 2008


I learned of a great thing today chickipedia the wikipedia of hot chicks. They even showcased the 100 hottest chicks, the usual list, jenna jameson this, gisele bundchen that, normal list of hotness

umm wtf is this?!

This zombie trainwreck is number #36!!!
A flat chested hunchbacked girlyboy

hmm maybe I didn't fully understand the point of the list.. perhaps it was hottest chicks as voted for by the blind

And whilst we're talking blind talk - let's do a little "Keira Knightly for the Blind"
Sounds like: a rumbling stomach and a windtunnel
Smells like: expensive french perfume to cover the lingering vomit smells
Tastes like: angels and starvation


Sarah said...

Not that there's anything wrong with flat-chested, but that picture really goes to show that everyone takes a really bad photo once in a while, not just us plebs...

Bedazzler said...

Jenna Jameson...sorry did someone say hot?

unique_stephen said...

I like the androgynous look - but Kiera is a bit thin for my liking there.

Anonymous said...

now gimme Lindsay Lohan for the Blind...X Love,You-know-who

Anonymous said...

hehe I love reading fat girl envy

Anonymous said...

Yo man shes hot.

And you never tasted her.