Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things In Hammocks

How good are Hammocks. This Christmas season I am going to far north queensland for Hammock Time. I will be living in this thing. Nothing relaxes like a hammock. The world would be a far more chillaxed place if we could all take a little time out to get some quality hammock time in our daily lives.

Squirrel in a Hammock: Nuts what??? zzzzzz

Dog in a Hammock: Bones Shmones

Mouse in a Hammock: cheese dreams

Bear in a Hammock
: I dont know what a bear stresses about, but he looks pretty relaxed to me... Deadly.. but Relaxed.


surfercam said...

That mouse looks very relaxed...

Adam said...

Haha, ya mum is a hammock.

KittyMeow said...

Oh thats not a mouse!!! Type "chinchilla" into YouTube and be prepared to be overwhelmed with Teh CUTENESS!!!!!

Sooooo cute. Eeee!!!

Sarah said...

I like the bear... it looks like it's having fun.

And you're a lucky bitch, getting to go to Cairns every year!

blokeman said...

I bought a hammock in Thailand this year with the intention of putting it in my new house. However whilst purchasing said hammock, I forgot to think about exactly where the hammock will live. I now have a hammock and no real place for it to be put up, unless I make major alterations to the landscaping