Sunday, November 30, 2008

They call me Mushroom Chunks

Saturday Night

Confusion: when you're vomiting into a bucket and all you see are mushroom chunks.. I dont remember eating any??? did I at some stage of the night in my horrific drunkenness buy a bag of mushrooms or something??? a mystery for the ages.

Closeness: when you get home and pass out naked on the floor of your sister-in-law-in-law's bathroom, then you finally get into bed and she's naked, and everyone has a nice sleep in the nude together. Nothing like a naked sleep to bond a friendship.

Kill-Joy: first i'm not allowed to dance on the deck, then i'm not allowed to put the umbrella up to dance in the rain, then i'm not allowed to fall in the fountain.. pfft whatever. you might be the most "exclusive" club around but you certainly have a lot of rules that ruin a good time.

Imagination Hotness: when you're dancing in the rain and flicking your hair around and think you must look like a supermodel in a filmclip, then you get home and realise you look like a rubbish bin, ripped stocking, mushroom chunks, blood.

Injured: arse-bruise, burn on hand, left leg completely fucked up, two cuts - one major... if I had known these were these consequences of falling into the fountain then I wouldn't have taken the "shortcut" now would I??

Walk-Spew: when you walk two steps and spew, and it takes you about half an hour to walk the 200 meters to the front door.

Saturday Day

Uncoordination: who plays badminton anyways?? unfortunately the highly unpredictable 'winds of glebe' put a stop to that game.

Hobo Picnic: ever picniced under a train-line in a wind tunnel? all we needed was a burning garbage bin and we would have had a virtual reality simulation of what being homeless would be like.. although I dont think homeless people have eskys and ice.

Fishmarket Kidnappers: no you crazy kidnapper i'm sure that nice little girl doesn't want to "see where the real fishermen live"

Crab Socks: when you buy 3 crabs and then realise you don't have any napkins, so you have to resort to taking your socks off and using them... which is worse?? using socks to clean your hands? or wearing socks home with crab juice on them??

Friday Night

Being Cool: when you're at a play opening and you realise that Dan Wyllie is in the room, and you are obsessed with the show 'love my way' so you walk straight up to him and become best friends with him and his wife.

and that's my weekend.


KittyMeow said...

Lol Great post!

Sarah said...

Mmmm I think you've put me off dinner. Great night!(!?) Hope everything heals up well :)

Mex said...

ha ha! i have actually walked up to Bredan "Tom" Cowell and harrassed him endlessley too!