Friday, November 21, 2008

My Milkshake brings all the boys to the Agency

I have been BUSY the past couple of weeks, as it is 'Graduation Season' in the actors realm, and that means going to showcases, watching performances, judging actors, and trying to get the best ones to sign with us. Of a graduation class, there is often about 3 actors who are hot shit, you know these guys are going to be big, and you want to ride on the tails of their success whilst taking 10% of their millions for your own pocket, and honing in on red carpet events and film premiers.

This year we met with the top 5 actors of NIDA. We are up against other agencies like Shanahans who have every single hot australian actor on thier books, and are really hard to compete with. It is like they are the bride and we are the bridesmaid, except rather than being the bridesmaid, we're the caterer who doesn't speak english and we delivered the cake to the wrong address.

We hold our actor meetings in a cafe on Bondi Beach, and try to distract them with the views of the ocean and look cute as I shove my boobs in their face and talk about current film projects in production and upcoming TV dramas.

However, there is one tried and tested tactic that always works in breaking the ice in a scary meeting environment, it can be intimidating for a young graduate to go into a meeting with two power pussies, so I always break the tension by ordering a banana smoothie, or vanilla milkshake.

Never underestimate the power of a milkshake. It's hard to be intimidating in a meeting when you're all slurping away on straws and milk. It's like "i'm real, you're real, lets just drink our smoothies and cut the shit"

It worked anyway - we got two of them, and the other three went un-surprisingly to the other agency.

Hooray for Milk! and Boobies.

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Faz said...

Milkshake or smoothie? Big difference. Milkshakes are way more informal than smoothies and a milkshake drinker is way less intimidating than the wankery of a smoothie drinker.