Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Jazzy Hoorays


I can only hope that now the era of retribution begins, against all stupid whiteys..

Bring in the "no whities" benches in parks policy. It's only fair.
Whitey Slavery (2 whites for a dollar)

Us whitey crackers have had it good for too long. What with our Seinfeld Marathons, and various types of cheeses.

Bring in the year of the fried chicken.
Bluesy Soul Jazz Music played everywhere.
Rather than dropping bombs on people we'll drop joints and harmonicas.
No more cracker discos and bad dancing, we'll have Jive Houses (no whitey dancing whatsoever)
No more whitey sneakers.
No more whitey boy-bands.

Imagine the party going on at Oprah's right now. I bet she's leaving an oil slick of excitement everywhere she goes.

Re-Release "The Color Purple" - the 2008 hating on whities edition!!!!

Boo You McCain Frozen Peas.


Epskee said...

Frozen peas. *sniggers*


Anonymous said...

obama i wish i was born your daughter.

Anonymous said...

Lincoln freed the slaves...cos they were too lazy to free themselves. Remember he is half white too